FourWands Wildlife

FourWands Wildlife Rehabilitation is a Vermont licensed rehabilitator located in Barre, VT.  We take in most small, non-rabies vector, mammals with the goal of returning to them to the wild as soon as they are able.  While we take in whatever we are permitted to, we specialize in the five squirrel species native to Vermont.  We have successfully raised and released over 200 hundred orphaned and injured squirrels as well as snowshoe hares, weasels, porcupines and opossums ranging from hours-old babies to adults with severe head trauma.

If you are seeking help with an orphaned or injured animal, please give us a call at 802.461.4381  If you are seeking help with a fox, raccoon, skunk, bat or groundhog/woodchuck, please call the rabies hotline at 1-800-4-RABIES and they can assist you in locating a rehabilitator who may be able to help.

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